Server Consolidation

A decade ago the management of an organization’s data centre was a nightmare because of the trend of deploying hundreds of servers, each hosting a separate application. Server consolidation solves concerns such as high power consumption, server sprawl and increasing operational costs by using solutions based on virtualization & blades. When virtualization became mature and well commercialized, many companies started consolidating data centres to reduce the hardware footprint.

DMSE pioneered server consolidation solutions since year 2008 / 9. DMS has now successfully deployed a number of server consolidation projects. Our solutions are based on industry leaders such as VMware, Microsoft & HP. DMS has developed expertise and certified engineering personnel to undertake any large scale project on server consolidation.

Benefits of Server Consolidation:

  • Reduce the server footprint in the data centre
  • Reduce overall power consumption
  • Increased hardware utilization
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Simplified DR implementations
  • More high availability
  • Dynamic expansion of resources on demand basis


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