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Most enterprises pay too much for their office printing needs. Gartner research has found that although enterprises that manage their printer, copier and fax fleets through an MPS program typically can save up to 30% of their print costs, comparatively few take the time and effort to implement MPS. Using an equipment provider, dealer or other firm to manage MPS is a cost-effective alternative to traditional purchase and leasing arrangements.

A program like HP's Printing Payback Guarantee could reduce the effort required to create a business case regarding whether the enterprise should move forward with an MPS offering. Under the HP program, the company will assess an enterprise's office printing environment and calculate an overall printing cost savings. Unlike traditional MPS projections, HP will make up the difference if savings do not meet these projections in a second assessment that HP conducts one year after the completed MPS implementation.

HP Office Print Solution with DMSE can help the organization achieve cost savings of up to 30%, and strategically streamline the management of the output print environment, minimize costs, and maximize business results.


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