Network Communication Controller

DMSE offers a fully integrated PCI DSS compliant Network Communication Controller (NCC) product for the card payment (EDC POS – Electronic Data Capture Point of Sale terminals) industry.

The NCC Blade

  • Allows thousands of EDC POS terminals to connect through multiple channels
    • Ethernet, GPRS, PSTN phone and PSTN E1
  • Acts as a payment POS traffic contractor for host systems.
  • Support built in industry standard SSL security for terminal communication security.
  • Allows transaction switching for multiple hosts.
  • Meets PCI DSS requirements
  • Supports passive chassis / active independent / hot swap processor based intelligent boards for different communication media.
  • Hot swap dual power supply units.

The NCC product concentrates, manages and routes ISO8583 based messages originated from payment terminals (EDC POS) to host systems. The NCC complements the various functions supported by the EDC POS terminals.

  • Card Payments (Credit and Debit)
  • Loyalty Cards transactions.
  • Mobile banking / online account activation / online account updating / online account withdrawal transaction.
  • Cash advance approval from Supermarket outlets.
  • Distributors to manage their issuance of goods to regional agents and manage / update stock order processing efficiently online.
  • Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Top-up

DMSE’s NCC product offerings are also complemented with a strong and competent engineering support team that provides support services (warranty and post warranty). The support services that are offered are custom made by customer to customer thus enabling customers to choose the level of service they need based on their internal competencies. The support service provided vary from basic support return to depot contracts to a more comprehensive island-wide onsite support coverage.

Ingenico NCC Blade


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