Hardware Security Modules

DMSE offers a comprehensive range of products that enables organisations to securely manage sensitive data that are used in the card payment industry. The devices are well known as Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and are used :

  • By all card issuing banks (banks who offers cards to consumers), acquiring banks (banks who facilitate payment acceptance points such as EDC POS terminals and payment gateways) and payment processors to manage the sensitive data used to create payment cards such as credit cards and debit cards. The HSMs perform cryptographic processing of data used for to create sensitive card data.
  • By organisations and financial institutions to manage keys used to encrypt data stored databases such as Oracle (TDE) : Banks use database encryption to meet the PCI DSS compliance mandated.
  • By organisations to encrypt and manage keys used for SAN based encryption mechanisms.
  • By organisations to terminate SSL sessions from web browsers to the HSM. This ensures that the complete SSL session is processed inside a secure hardware device thus eliminating the exposure of plain SSL data inside servers.
  • By organisations to securely manage and store SSL keys on web servers.
  • By Certificate Authority based organisations to manage the private keys and digital certificates.
  • By Mobile Device Management and TMS (Trusted Service Manager) systems to manage device based / secure element keys.


DMSE’s "Payment HSM" product offerings are also complemented with a strong and competent engineering support team that provides support services (warranty and post warranty). The support services that are offered are custom made by customer to customer thus enabling customers to choose the level of service they need based on their internal competencies. The support service provided vary from basic support return to depot contracts to a more comprehensive island-wide onsite support coverage.

Thales payShield 9000 Payment HSM
Thales n-Shield General Purpose HSM
Thales Centralized Key Manager


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