Deposit / Payment Kiosk

DMSE offers a comprehensive range of products that enables financial institutions, infrastructure telecos and insurance institutions to enable their customers for self serve for the key function of deposits.

For banks, the key deposit functions are for depositing cash and cheques for accounts (Savings, current and credit card account) and also to perform utility bill payments. The kiosks allows the consumers to visit the bank at any time and perform the deposit function using the interactive (trilingual support) deposit machine. For telcos, the deposit machine allows the customers to do post paid bill payment as well as pre-paid phone top ups. For insurance sector, the deposit machines allow their customers to deposit their monthly premiums.

The key benefits to the customers

  • 24 x 7 service availability for convenience. Customers need not keep large amounts of cash at home as they can go to a bank’s kiosk at any time to deposit.
  • No queuing up for deposits.
  • No parking issues.
  • Customer enters the correct data and give a sense of security.
  • Customer can use his/her own language (Trilingual support) in operating the unit
  • Voice / Text guidance at every screen to guide smoothly to complete a transaction
  • Mag stripe / Barcode can be utilized for account number data capture


The key benefits to the organizations

  • Free up existing cashiers / tellers for other marketing functions and new promotions.
  • Free up existing cashiers / tellers from data entry.
  • Reduce day time queues for the new customers at day time thus give a better customer experience as satisfaction.
  • More real estate space on the kiosk screen to promote / advertise new products.

TouchMedia Deposit/Payment Kiosk


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