DMS Group had its beginnings in 1977 with the incorporation of Data Management Systems Ltd. The intention when forming the company was to leverage the exponential reductions envisaged in the computer hardware arena coupled with locally developed application software to solve business problems of Sri Lankan organizations.

DMS Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. began its operations way back in 1981 as the company recognized the eventual dominance of the burgeoning microcomputer.

During the early days of our business, we dedicated ourselves to meeting the ever growing demand for microcomputers, particularly from the Sri Lankan business community who were rapidly embracing the emerging technologies for the enhancement of their business processes. Apart from providing our clients with a range of microcomputers and peripherals sourced through our principals, the company also ventured into the assembly and marketing of personal computers, thus making technology more accessible to a large majority of Sri Lankans. As there was a dearth of quality ICT educators at the time, the company also played a key role in educating and building capacity of users and stakeholders through its education arm. Our beginnings

The standardization of the personal computer market around the IBM architecture during this era resulted in DMSE signing up with Wang Laboratories Inc. in the year 1983 for the distribution of its emerging range of personal computers and Local Area Networking (LAN) equipment in Sri Lanka. In addition to this, the company also forged a successful alliance with Memorex Telex, one of the most recognized IBM plug compatible manufacturers (PCM) in the early 90’s.

Constantly evolving and adapting to the changing ICT landscape of the country, DMSE successfully aligned itself with the changing trends that were witnessed during the 90’s. The company signed up with Compaq Inc. in the year 1995 in order to cater to the changing needs of its customers and began enjoying instant success with the new product line, enabling it to build strong ties with the corporate world. With HP, one of the world’s largest technology companies acquiring Compaq in later years, our business portfolio grew from strength to strength enabling DMSE to capture a commanding market share among Sri Lankan corporate businesses.

Being an evolving force, the company continued to pursue emerging technological trends which resulted in the formation of two new alliances during the mid nineties. 3Com with which DMSE formed a partnership allowed the company to venture into the data communication and networking business whilst the successful partnership we forged with Hypercom provided DMSE the opportunity to further extend its business scope, covering the transaction processing business in the country. DMSE today enjoys a formidable market share in this sector; both in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, propelling the company to emerge as a fully-fledged systems integrator consisting of a broad range of skills and expertise.

In more recent years, the company has been successful in building its expertise around Server, Desktop and Application Virtualization, Data Centre, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Computing and other advanced technologies.

Since pioneering the introduction of ‘Payment Systems Technology’ that resulted in a total transformation in banking, financial and e-business sectors in the country, the company has successfully added value to many Sri Lankan businesses through cutting-edge technology services ranging from high profile networking solutions, Call Centre Operations, Technology Outsourcing and Service Centre Operations, thereby delivering secure, integrated, cost efficient and real-time technology solutions to its valued customers.

Driven by an obsession for customer service, our associates continually strive to ensure exceptionally high standards of customer service in all their dealings with our valued customers. With over 65% of our total human resources assigned to the Customer Engineering Department, the company has amply demonstrated its unwavering commitment towards maintaining the highest levels of service standards, and have also equipped our associates with competitive and superior skills comprising technical knowhow, troubleshooting abilities and product and domain knowledge thus enabling them respond to the needs of our customers promptly and professionally.

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